The Hour Of The Donald

Trump By David Stockman.  |  August 15, 2019

Will future historians look at the eighth month of 2019 the way current ones do August 1914? Well, that is one of the “big questions” we discussed during an in-house editorial meeting earlier today. Read More

Why This Market Will Fall

Trump By David Stockman.  |  August 6, 2019

We have dunces sitting atop the global financial and economic system. So, it’s worth considering the probability something will go very wrong. Read More

Are These the Donald’s Means to MAGA?

Trump By David Stockman.  |  August 5, 2019

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down nearly 600 points as of this writing, a little more than an hour into the trading session. Read More

This Is Not The Greatest Economy Ever

Trump By David Stockman.  |  July 29, 2019

Coming up on a year ago, I delivered a presentation at the 6th Irrational Economic Summit, the annual get-together hosted by Harry Dent and his team. Read More

How Many Points of No Return Can America Take?

Trump By David Stockman.  |  July 24, 2019

It’s gone from “quiet” to “strangely quiet” while what seems like the third or fourth denouement of the 2016 presidential election plays out today on Bubblevision’s politics outlets. Call it what you like. Read More

The Debt Ceiling and the Duopoly

Budget By David Stockman.  |  July 23, 2019

They say partisan rancor will be the end of us. I say it’s the duopoly’s bullshit that ultimately takes this whole glorious experiment down for the count. Read More

Is America on the eve of destruction?

Trump By David Stockman.  |  July 18, 2019

This feels like an inflection point here in America. Read More

The Authoritarian Cult of Donald Trump

Trump By David Stockman.  |  July 17, 2019

Let’s set aside the “white nationalism” and the “racism” accusations against Donald Trump. That’s pretty radioactive stuff. Authoritarianism Should Have Us on Edge. Donald J. Trump made his grievances the GOP’s grievances. Read More

White Nationalism and State Thievery

Trump By David Stockman.  |  July 15, 2019

It’s as quiet a day on the “business news” front as you’ll ever see. That’s probably down to the fact that we’re about to enter second-quarter earnings-reporting season. Read More

How We Go To War With Iran Today

Trump By David Stockman.  |  July 9, 2019

So, we’re at the stage of the game where Iran is publicly announcing, in real time, the steps it’s taking in its accelerated plan to produce uranium. Read More