Welcome to Impeachment Theater

By David Stockman  |  September 25, 2019

The Duopoly thinks it’s gotten all it can get from the Donald. It doesn’t trust Elizabeth Warren. They simply can’t risk her.

So, Imperial Washington’s eyes have fallen on Joe Biden. It wants the former vice president. They need him. As Jim Kunstler notes, “The swamp abides.” Keep this in mind as the story unspools over the next hours, days, weeks, and months:

The latest news media dumpster fire over President Trump’s phone conversation with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky is a three-way ruse. Ruse 1: deflect attention from the main issue, which is Joe Biden’s trolling for payoffs on his missions to foreign lands as vice-president, first Ukraine, where son Hunter was gifted a board of director’s chair and $50K-a-month salary with Ukrainian gas company Burisma, and then a $1.5 billion “private equity investment” to Hunter Biden’s wealth management fund from the state-owned Bank of China. Ruse 2: to deflect attention from the damage soon to be inflicted on the Deep State by the forthcoming DOJ Inspector General’s report on FISA court abuses. Ruse 3. To set in motion yet another obstruction of justice trap for Mr. Trump on the basis of false charges.

Well, impeachment it is.

Nancy Pelosi has, finally, succumbed to those in her faction who will never let go of 2016.

The Truth About UkraineGate

Make no mistake: UkraineGate is every bit the Deep State mission RussiaGate was, only now with the dual objective of elevating Joe by avenging Hillary.

It’s about more than knocking the twin “Gates”/hoaxes into a cocked-hat. What their essence reveals is the extreme danger of statism and the inherent infirmities of Big Government itself.

That’s because, in today’s world of relentless, 24-7 communications and messaging, haphazard information, random facts, and mere factoids are drafted into the service of the “narrative.”

Often, the “narrative” serves partisan ends. And Democrats would seem to be immediate beneficiaries of the Donald’s perceived vulnerabilities.

But this is about something deeper, the very definition of power since the end of World War II.

The Duopoly believes it holds God’s own grant of authority – political, economic, legal, moral, social, what have you…

That’s why they’ll repeat with monumental frequency and plenary breadth things like “What those notes reflect is a classic mafia-like shakedown of a foreign leader.”

At the same time, you have Mike Murphy, a GOP grifter with ties to all of Jeb Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney, braying on MSNBC, “One Republican senator told me if it was a secret vote, 30 Republican senators would vote to impeach Trump.”

This is how the Duopoly and the Deep State give the aura of truth to what’s nothing more than self-serving nonsense.

Call it “The Last Gasp of the Never Trumpers.”

There’s an element in Imperial Washington that finds the Donald and that for which he stands so loathsome that they, perforce, must believe he was elected only by virtue of Kremlin intervention.

To RussiaGate believers and to those who would glom onto UkraineGate, the alternative is not even thinkable.

To wit, that 62 million voters knowingly preferred the Donald over Hillary, notwithstanding all his warts of character and his querulous denunciations of establishment policy and its officialdom…

The evidence needed to validate the Russian interference narrative was never examined deeply or subjected to skeptical assessment and challenge. It was just lined up and recited endlessly. Mere repetition “proved” the truth of the narrative.

They’re motivated by blind partisanship and reactionary antipathy to the Donald’s inchoate call to end the Empire that they literally turned molehills into mountains to justify their actions.

Their assiduously promoted false Russia meddling/collusion story has been repeated with such relentless fervor by the Mainstream Media that the actual triviality and irrelevance of the original allegations have been lost amidst the hysteria.

As it was with that “Gate,” so it is with this one…

After “Peak Trump”: Charting Uncharted Waters

It’s my pleasure to be delivering the Keynote Address at the 2019 Irrational Economic Summit.

Please join me October 10-12 at the Gaylord Resort & Convention Center at National Harbor, Maryland – right outside Imperial Washington – for what promises to be three days rich with ideas about how to protect and grow your wealth.

The stakes are already high heading into 2020. The U.S. presidential campaign is already underway. And the Tweeter-in-Chief is tied up in the day-to-day movements of the major stock indexes like no president before him.

And the increasingly desperate incumbent will do anything he must to hold the White House.

That’s why I’ve titled my Keynote Address, “After ‘Peak Trump’: Charting Uncharted Waters”.

Leviathan gets bigger, Wall Street gets richer, and Main Street… well, Main Street gets more and more little every day.

We’re rapidly approaching the end of the oldest, weakest economic “recovery” in American history. At this major tipping point, there’s no telling what the Donald’s great disruptions could do to your wealth.

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